Sean Delpopolo & Tina Veivers both have worked in insurance defence law prior to representing plaintiffs in personal injury law. So, what does that mean to an accident victim if their lawyer has experience in both sides of the legal field in personal injury?

Their Professional Experience

An accredited specialist in personal injury who has also represented both plaintiffs and insurance companies has a knowledge and practical skill that extends beyond a regular lawyer who has no specialization in a specific area of law.

Their Rarity

Not every lawyer is an accredited specialist in personal injury law in Queensland or its surrounding regions such as Robina, Gold Coast, Cairns, Beenleigh, MacKay, Rockhampton, Mt Isa, etc.

There are many questions that may be asked of a lawyer representing you in a personal injury claim:

Is your lawyer providing justifiable chances of success with your case?

Is your claim being valued properly?

Will your lawyer be persuasive when dealing with the insurance company and their counsel?

Are they providing accurate estimates for settlement?

How are they minimizing the delays to your claim?

An accredited specialist in personal injury who has also experienced the ‘insurance’ side of personal injury has the practical experience and their exposure to the processes and mindset of insurance companies.

The ‘Language of Insurance Companies’

The main issue in a personal injury claim is determining what the amount of compensation will be. Of course, a victim’s perception of compensation will be oftentimes higher than what the insurance companies believe that same claim is worth.

An accredited specialist in personal injury who has worked for insurance companies understands how the industry “thinks.” When it comes to settlement, they can better justify to the opposing side:

  • Why your claim is worth the amount that you are trying to win in court
  • What risks the insurance company will face if they bring your claim to court
  • How much more costs could accrue if your claim continues unsettled

A lawyer without this extra experience from the other side may be hard pressed to defend your position if they cannot effectively persuade the other side why your right to compensation is legitimate.

They Will Provide Realistic Advice

Do not be fooled by lawyers who will ‘promise you results’, especially if your accident is recent. An accredited specialist in personal injury knows the uncertainties that can arise in an accident and how this can affect compensation. There are many questions that can arise:

  • What does it mean when my injuries have peaked?
  • How much should I be compensated if I am unable to work?
  • What are general damages, and if I am eligible, what can I earn in damages such as “pain and suffering?”
  • How do I prove my injuries?
  • How do I calculate my settlement?
  • What is nervous shock and can I claim that?
  • What happens if my recovery is quicker than I thought?

It is common for personal injury claims to take years to settle, especially if the injuries are significant or catastrophic. Evidence (such as medical documentation and examinations, financial information, statements, etc.) needs to be obtained, assessed and presented in order to effectively bring you a settlement amount that is suitable for your claim.

An accredited specialist in personal injury does not make exaggerated promises. Communicate and realistic expectations of your claim are key for you in order to make an informed decision about your rights to compensation and the next steps towards your health and future.

Speak to an Accredited Specialist For Free

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