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Common Gold Coast Workplace Injuries

A common workplace injury should never be overlooked if it prevents you from working. Gold Coast Personal Injury Lawyers occasionally researches to determine what circumstances, accidents and injuries are most significant to our clients. Even the most common workplace injuries can have a serious effect on your legal rights if they are not addressed properly.

Some of the most common workplace injuries with their legal issues include:

Violent attacks in the workplace

Workplaces are usually filled with c0-workers that work well together, or at the very least, tolerate each other. However, office parties, high stress situations or other circumstances may lead to heated arguments that can escalate to aggression or violence. This situation arises from a number of factors such as the availability of alcohol at a workplace party, the personal situations of the workers, and the availability of team building and stress management measures made available by the employer.

A workplace attack can also occur from a worker’s customers, such as a healthcare professional working in a mental health clinic and dealing with mentally unstable patients.

In the situation of a workplace attack, it is important to consider if your workplace has done everything reasonably necessary to maximize your safety. An employer who breaches this duty risks liability in negligence.

Musculoskeletal Injuries & Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI)

Most people who sit in front of an office computer 8 hours a day typing, or who work in general labor with lots of pending, lifting and pulling, may be familiar with this type of injury.

A repetitive stress or musculoskeletal injury often causes joint pain and inflammation. Some examples of this injury include: carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, tennis elbow, etc.

The main legal concern for many clients is whether this injury constitutes a work injury and whether it was caused by an employer’s negligence. Due to the common nature and general lack of perceived severity of this kind of injury, many workers become intimidated by their workplace and scared of losing their job if they make a workers compensation claim for an RSI.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

An employee who drives for the purposes of their employer’s business may be able to claim workers compensation, even if they are driving to or from work. The circumstances may vary depending on the situation.

Gold Coast Personal Injury Lawyers is often asked if it is better to pursue a claim through workers compensation or if they should pursue a civil claim against the negligent driver. There are also issues arising from whether the drive constitutes as work related travel ‘under the course of employment.’ The truth is, what may be best for your legal rights to compensation depends on the individual circumstances of each claimant. Do not take your legal rights lightly.

Machine Entanglement

There can be many risks associated with moving mechanical parts, loose clothing and lack of training in most industrial workplaces. This is especially true for heavy factory or construction work that uses machinery on a regular basis.

If you have been injured due to your clothing or body parts being caught by moving machinery parts, it is important to consider if the employer was providing a reasonably safe work environment:

– Was there adequate training provided?

– Were safety guards removed in favor of faster production rates?

– Was the uniform loose fitting and capable of being caught in moving machinery?

– Did the employer fail to provide a safe work environment?

– Was there adequate safety equipment and personal protective equipment provided?

Falling Objects and Falling Injuries

It is a common occurrence for people to slip on loose cords and other objects, or have objects fall on them from overhead in the workplace. Quite often, these occurrences result from a number of failings in the workplace system that all contribute to the risk. For example, lack of or inability to communicate between employees can make it difficult for workers to assess or see an incoming risk. This is especially true for work environments where noise cancelling personal protective equipment is required.

People can also slip or run into objects where the work environment has inadequate visibility due to poor lighting, environmental factors such as fog or rain, or because the employer has failed to provide adequate eye cover in the circumstances.

An employer has a duty to ensure that all reasonable safety precautions are taken to protect their workers. However, it is also up to these employees to adhere to these precautions.

The Complexity of the Workplace Injury

Not all injuries can be ascertained right away. It is important to make sure you see a medical specialist if you have been injured in a workplace accident. There are also many legal issues that can arise in a workplace injury claim that may be extremely complicated, especially in situations where a party wishes to avoid liability from a work accident.

There may be other alternatives suggested by WorkCover Insurance that may adversely affect your legal rights. Even if you succeed in having WorkCover provide your initial medical treatment,  areas of concern may arise regarding the duration of your treatment, the type of treatment you receive, and whether or not your injuries continue to prevent you from working. These issues can affect your ability to claim wage loss benefits.

Protect Your Legal Rights with an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury

Ask yourself:

  • Do you want to ensure that your chances of success in your claim are maximized?
  • Was your employer negligent for your accident?
  • Do you need a legal professional to protect your interest against your employer’s workplace insurance lawyers?
  • Are you a little intimidated or confused by WorkCover or the Gold Coast workers compensation process?
  • Are you suffering financial hardship because your injury prevents you from working?
  • Are you unable to afford proper treatment for your workplace injury?

A personal injury lawyer may be able to help you with your claim if you have said “YES” to any of these questions.

Gold Coast Personal Injury Lawyers is a Gold Coast Personal Injury Law Firm led by accredited specialists in personal injury. Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation so that we can have a chat about your workplace injury and advise you on your legal rights. Simply fill out our free case review form or call us at 1300 720 544.

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