Since 1 Oct 2015, motorists no longer have to display registration (‘rego’) stickers on their cars so that Queensland can finally be aligned with the rest of the nation and save taxpayers up to $3.5 million in postage/printing costs annually.

This applies even if the rego is expired and Queensland police will enforce vehicle registration by automatic plate recognition technology such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras.

Yet, this is not always a ‘better’ solution for the public. People are creatures of habit, and the negative consequences of drivers failing to incorporate this new change can be disastrous.

Mailed Registration Notices

Motorists will still receive registration notices with payment option information and fee breakdowns through mail.  But if you change email addresses or move to a new home address altogether, there may be a good chance that you may not receive any reminders to register your vehicle (car, motorcycle, boat, etc.)
While seemingly harmless, it has very serious negative effects from a legal perspective.

Insurance Policies Void without Rego

Oftentimes, insurance policies become void if the vehicle is not registered. This leads to even more trouble later down the road…

The Nominal Defendant

Where an unregistered vehicle cases an accident and someone other than the driver is injured, there is a government body called the Nominal Defendant that allows a victim to be compensated for their injuries.

The Right of Recovery

The Nominal Defendant has a right of recovery from the driver and/or owner of an unregistered vehicle that causes an accident (e.g. you can be sued.)

How This May Affect You

You may have your income garnished to pay for the damages to the Nominal Defendant and the injured person, which can amount to millions of dollars. You may also have to sell off your home in order to pay off these legal debts. Your ability to financially support your family can be hindered because of this accident.

When Should I Contact an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury?

If your vehicle has been involved in an accident that lead to injury and the accident was caused by someone whose vehicle is unregistered or uninsured, then it is important that you contact a personal injury specialist today. There may be many questions that you would like addressed concerning your accident:
– How do I get compensation?
– Do I have a legal claim?
– What if I cannot find the driver? (e.g. hit and run accident)
– Do I get compensated for pain and suffering?
– What if I lose time off work?

An accredited specialist in personal injury will be able to address all of your questions with a no obligation, free case review.

Take advantage of this opportunity to speak with a personal injury lawyer that can inform you of your legal rights to compensation as soon as possible because strict time limitations apply for your claim.

How East Coast Injury Lawyers Can Help

East Coast Injury Lawyers will be glad to assist you in your personal injury claim by giving you the free, initial legal advice that you need to make an informed decision about your claim.

Our accredited specialists in personal injury have experience in both plaintiff representation, as well as insurance defence. As such, they are professionally trained to give legal advice that tailors to your individual circumstances, as well as from the perspective of the insurance companies. This may be an invaluable resource to have in order to make sure you are adequately compensated within a reasonable time.

If you would like more information on how we can assist you, do not hesitate to fill in our case review form right now so that we may get back to you as soon as possible.