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If you have been injured in circumstances other than a car accident or work place accident and the accident was caused by the negligence of a third party, you may have the ability to bring a damages claim.

Such circumstances are extensive and include:

  • Slip, fall and trip accidents in private or public places
  • Injuries caused by defective or faulty products
  • Accidents at private residences, parks and playgrounds
  • Boating accidents
  • Injured while working as a subcontractor
  • Accidents at school
  • Psychological injury as a result of the death of another

Do I have a damages claim?

If you have been injured in one of the above scenarios (or another scenario which is not listed above) and there was negligence on the part of a third party for your injury, you may have the ability to bring a damages or compensation claim.
Please contact one of our senior expert injury lawyers for advice in relation to whether you do have a viable claim.

What can I claim for as part of my damages or compensation claim?

As part of your damages or compensation claim, you can claim for:-

  • Damages for pain and suffering (loss of amenities)
  • Past and future loss of income and superannuation; and other income,
  • Gratuitous care and assistance with household chores received from family and friends;
  • Paid services with household tasks;
  • Past & future out of pocket expenses for medical treatment, rehabilitation, aids and equipment.

How much will I receive in compensation for my claim?

Each personal injury claim is unique in its circumstances, injuries and the loss that has been suffered. It is difficulty to accurately predict the amount of compensation that an injured party will receive. The amount you will receive in compensation will be dependent on many factors including age, injury, extent of disability, employment status, time from work and medical evidence.

Is there a time limit to bring my compensation or damages claim?

It is usually the case that you must bring a compensation claim within 3 years of the date of the accident. However, there are circumstances where this period of time is shorter. It is essential you speak to one of our senior expert injury lawyers for advice in relation to time limits applicable to your claim.

How much will I have to pay in legal fees for my damages claim?

Our firm operates on a Non Win No Fee Basis Guarantee. This means that if you do not receive compensation, we do not charge professional fees or outlays.

Please contact one of our Personal Injury Accredited Specialists for more information.

Is Personal Injury Compensation taxable in Australia?

In Queensland, your personal injury payout will not be subject to income tax.

How do I proceed with my claim?

Contact one of our Accredited Personal Injury Law Specialists now on 1300 720 544 or complete the case review form now.

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