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One of the most common accidents that can arise for people in Gold Coast are car accidents. Despite technology such as self-driving cars and “smart roads”, Australia still has a long way to go before any of us are safe from the legal issues that arise from the road.

Until then, East Coast Injury Lawyers is eager to help provide some general information:

What are some of the high risk areas in Gold Coast for car accidents?

Here is a helpful chart to answer this question from Allianz

Most Dangerous Roads in Australia

What is the first thing I need to do after an accident?

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What do I do if my family or friends were injured?

Seek medical help right away and make sure that they receive legal advice from an accredited specialist in personal injury to provide them with their legal rights to compensation.

What if my injuries prevent me from working?

You may be compensated for any wage loss that occurs after the accident and for any future extent determined by your medical documentation and other evidence.

Do I get compensated for my pain and suffering?

You may be able to make a general damages claim but there are many considerations to take into account before you can make a claim under this head of damage. It is important to speak with a personal injury lawyer to be informed of your chances of success in pursuing a claim for pain and suffering.

Do I have to deal with the other driver?

The other driver will most likely have third party insurance to cover their accident so you would be dealing predominantly with the third party insurer. However, it is important that you seek professional legal advice on whether or not you should pursue a claim.

Drivers may often become confused with the legal process concerning a motor vehicle accident. Sometimes, liability on who is responsible for an accident is not always obvious and legal disputes may arise on this matter. Your personal injury lawyer will be able to tell you in depth what is expected of you during the entire legal process.

What if I want more information about my motor vehicle accident?

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How Can East Coast Injury Lawyers Help?

East Coast Injury Lawyers can help you answer all of your legal enquiries concerning your motor vehicle accident, car accident injuries and losses. Our firm will handle all of the necessary legal work so that you can focus on your recovery and family. Simply contact us by calling 1300 720 544 or filling out our case review form.

Do not delay in getting the advice to guide you in protecting your legal rights. Contact us today because strict time limitations apply to your motor vehicle accident claim in Gold Coast.

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